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Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

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Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
SENSE WORLD MUSIC SWMCD 056 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Mohan Vina) "Samadhi" Live At The Saptak Festival 2004 / Raag: Maru Bihag / Tabla: Ramkumar Mishra [79 Mins.] Classical 0.4 16.95
SENSE WORLD MUSIC SWMCD 085 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Mohan Veena) "Desert Slide" / Helo Mharo Suno, Avalu Thari Aave Badilo Ghar Aave, Jhilmil Barse Meh, Hichki, Mhari Menhdi Ro Rang, Kesariya Balam / Vocals: Anwar Khan / Dholak - Firoz Khan / Tabla: Ram Kumar Mishra, etc. [83 Mins.] Rajasthani 0.4 16.95
SENSE WORLD MUSIC SWMCD 024A/B Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Salil Bhatt (Guitar) "Mohans Veena" Live At Saptak Festival 2002 / Ragas: Bageshri, Tilak Kamod, Rajasthani Folk Tune In Mand, Bhairavi Dadra / Tabla: Sandeep Das (Set of 2) [91 Mins.] Classical 0.8 26.95
VENUS (MIDLINE) VCDE 1083 Shubh Prabhat / Bismillah Khan (Shehnai) - Jaunpuri, Bhimsen Joshi - Todi, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Guitar) - Ahir Bhairav, Jitendra Abhisheki - Ramkali, Shivkumar Sharma (Santoor) - Bibhas, Dr. Prabha Atre - Desi Classical Vocal 0.4 7.99
SENSE WORLD MUSIC SWMCD 005 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Guitar / Mohan Veena) "Indian Delta" Live At The Saptak Festival 2001 / Ragas: Puriya Dhanashri, Shyam Kalyan / Tabla: Sandeep Das [77 Mins.] Classical 0.4 16.95
OMI MUSIC INC. D4HI 2888 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt "The Maestro Of Mohan Veena" / Ragas: Yaman, Basant & Dhun Based On Tilak Kamod / Tabla: Sandeep Das / Tanpura: Vilas Pednekar (DDD) Classical 0.4 11.95
OMI MUSIC INC. D4HI 2704 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt "Strings Of Delight" (Music From The World Of Osho Live At The Osho International Foundation Pune) / Raag Poorvi, Bhairavi Dhun [68 Mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 11.95
MUSIC TODAY CDM-96009 Kalidasas Meghdutam "The Cloud Messenger" / Music Composed by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt / Singers: Hariharan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Ravindra Sathe / The Forlorn Yaksha, Invocation to the Clouds, The Path of the Cloud, On Amrakuta Peak, Ripening Earth,etc.(ADD) Devotional - Sanskrit 0.4 12.95
INDIA MUSIC CLUB IMC 002 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt "The Best of the Cord Vol.2" (Live) / Ragas: Des, Pahari, Bhairavi / Tabla: Sandeep Das Classical 0.4 9.99
RAGA RAGA-208 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Guitar) - Live in Pittsburgh 1989 / Ragas: Bihag, Desh / Tabla: Sukhvindar Singh (DDD) Classical 0.4 12.95
T SERIES SICCD 052 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt "Lure of Desert" (Guitar) / Ragas: Des, Rajasthani Folk - Kesariya Balam, Megh Malhar, Sarang, Kirvani / Tabla: Sandeep Das / Supporting Guitar: Salil Bhatt [67 Mins.] Classical 0.4 4.99
TIPS RAGA SERIES TCCD 5115 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Tarun Bhattacharya / Ragas: Bageshri - Alaap-Jod-Jhala, Vilambit Gat in Treetal / Tabla: Anuradha Pal Classical 0.4 11.95
TIPS RAGA SERIES TCCD 5116 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Tarun Bhattacharya / Raga Aheer Bhairav - Alaap, Vilambit Gat Treetal, Drut Gat Treetal / Tabla: Anuradha Pal Classical 0.4 11.95
MUSIC TODAY CDM-94014 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt "Music for Relaxation" / Silences, Floating with the Clouds, Pathway to Peace, In the Gentle Rain, Sweet Longings of Love, Harmony - Symphony, Remembrance, Resonance Within, Happiness Together / Flute: Ronu Majumdar (DDD) Classical Fusion 0.4 12.95






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