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Swapan Chaudhuri

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Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
NAVRAS NRCD 9002 Ali Akbar Khan (Sarod) "Peerless" / Raag Madhuvanti / Tabla: Swapan Chaudhuri / Tamboura: Ken Zuckerman / Originally on The Musenalp Collection (ADD) Classical 0.4 15.95
CHHANDA DHARA SNCD 70900 Nikhil Banerjee (Sitar) "Indias Maestro Of Melody Live Concert Vol.4" (Live At Ali Akbar College, CA October 1985) Light Classical Thumri - Main Theme Based On Raag Khamaj, With Side Excursion To Many Other Ragas Like Hansdhani / Tabla: Swapan Chaudhuri Classical 0.4 15.95
X DOT 25 XDOT 1011-2 Habib Khan (Sitar) "Longing" / Rose, Midnight Dream, Merge, Longing, Innocent Mind, Butterfly, Sunrise, High Life, Heavenly, Secret Spring, Dodge City / Tabla: Swapan Chaudhuri / Santoor: Alan Kushan / Guitar: Mathew Montfort / Sax: George Brooks Classical Fusion 0.4 10.95
X DOT 25 PM 1010-2 Habib Khan (Sitar) & Swapan Chaudhuri (Tabla) "Evening Light" / Dancing Fantasy, Moon Light, Starry Nights, Raag Kafi, Raag Miyan Ki Todi [73 mins.] Classical 0.4 10.95
NAVRAS NRCD 6001 Fusion "Music Without Boundaries" (Live Recording In San Francisco 1998) / Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute), Larry Coryell (Acoustic Guitar), George Brooks (Saxophone), Swapan Chaudhuri (Tabla), T.H. "Vikku" Vinayakram (Ghatam), etc. (DDD) Classical Fusion 0.4 15.95
EMI - RPG CLASSICAL CDNF 150217 Habib Khan "Ecstasy" / Silence, Ecstasy, Indian Blues, Tears At Dawn, Mountain Heights, Triangle, Raindrops, Beautiful Face, Waterfall, Zeeshan, Trio Song, Piloo / Tabla: Swapan Chaudhuri / Also Includes Ira Stein, Matthew Montfort, George Brooks, etc. Classical Fusion 0.4 10.95
AMMP AMMPCD 9608 Ali Akbar Khan (Sarod) "Passing On the Tradition" / Ragas: Marwa, Puriya Kalyan / Tabla: Swapan Chaudhuri / Tanpura: James Pomerantz & Bruce Hamm / Sitar: Krishna Bhatt & James L. Pomerantz / Cello: Dan Reiter / Guitar: Jai Uttal [73 mins.] Classical 0.4 13.95
CHHANDA DHARA SNCD 70393 Melodious Sitar of Rais Khan / Ragas: Ek Prakaar Ki Todi, Desh, Bhairavi Dhun / Tabla: Swapan Chaudhuri / Tanpura: Shefali Nag [76 mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 15.95
CHHANDA DHARA SNCD 71093 The Majestic Tabla of Swapan Chaudhuri (Solo) / Talas: Asta Mongal, Teentaal-Slow, Ada Chautaal, Teentaal-Fast / Sarangi: Ramesh Mishra / Tambouras: Sumit Bandyopadhyay & Jane Chaudhuri [70 min.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 15.95
LYRICHORD LYRCD 7422 G.S. Sachdev (Flute) "Live in Concert" / Ragas: Madhukauns, Dhun Based On Mishra Shivranjani, Rageshri / Tabla: Swapan Chaudhuri (78 mins) Classical 0.4 14.95
ORIENTAL AAMSCD 123 Ravi Shankar (Sitar) "The Doyen of Hindustani Music" / Swapan Chaudhuri - Tabla / Ragas: Basant Mukhari, Vasant Pancham, Kedara & Tabla Solo / Tanpura: Shubendra Rao & Aditya Verma (DDD) Classical 0.4 12.95
RAGA RAGA-207 Nikhil Banerjee (Sitar) The Hundred-Minute Raga: Purabi Kalyan - Live in Berkeley 1982 / Tabla: Swapan Chaudhuri (2 CD set) (ADD) Classical 0.8 25.9






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