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Shujaat Hussain Khan / Shujaat Khan / Shujaat Husain Khan

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Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
INDIA ARCHIVE MUSIC IAMCD 1085 Shujaat Khan (Sitar) Ragas: Bairagi & Bhairavi / Tabla: Samir Chatterjee [60 Mins.] (DAD) Classical 0.4 13.95
H.O.M. RECORDS N-REGD/1034 Shujaat Husain Khan (Sitar) "Naina" / Sajna Vichoda, Ja Ja Ve, Mere Dil Da Jaani, Humre Naina, Kangna, Mein Tere Sang Kaise (DDD) Classical Fusion 0.4 6.99
AIM RECORDS CDIM 450 The Best Of Aim Records Instrumental Vol.1 / Budhaditya Mukherjee - Shyam Kalyan, Ronu Majumdar - Yaman, Barun Kumar - Raga Pahadi, Bhajan Sopori - Kashmiri Dhun, Shujaat Khan - Folk Melody, Enayet Hussain - Tabla Solo In Teental, Manilal Nag - Bhairavi Classical 0.4 10.95
NAVRAS NRCD 5509 Shujaat Khan (Sitar) & Vocals "The Stillness Of Sound" (Sufi) Jis Sheh Pe Nazar, Dil Se Tera Khayal, Piya Ghar Aaye Ji, Hai Tujh Mein Sab, Chhaap Tilak, Umr Bhar Dhoondha Kiya [54 mins.] (DDD) Qawwalies Ghazals Geet 0.4 15.95
H.O.M. RECORDS N-REGD 1017 Shujaat Hussain Khan "Breeze" / Hawa Hawa (Breeze), Mitti Da Bawa (Clay Doll), Ye Enayaten (Generosity), Aashiko Ke Khoda (God For All , Phir Khayala Mein, Lag Gaye Nain (My Eyes Have Met Your Eyes) Classical Fusion 0.4 6.99
NAVRAS NRCD 0182 Shujaat Hussain Khan (Sitar) "Amore" (Music Of Love) / Live At St. Johns, Smith Square, London, August 1995 / Raag: Jhinjhoti / Tabla: Anand Gopal Bandopadhyay [76 Mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 15.95
INDIA ARCHIVE MUSIC IAMCD 1067 Shujaat Khan (Sitar) Tejendra Narayan Majumdar (Sarod) & Sandeep Das (Tabla) Raag: Jog [72 mins.](DAD) Classical 0.4 13.95
A.U.M. AUMCD 1001 Shujaat Husain Khan "A Tribute To Tansen" / Ragas: Deepak & Gour Malhar / Tabla: Ravi Gutala (DDD) Classical 0.4 10.95
INDIA ARCHIVE MUSIC IAMCD 1046 Shujaat Khan (Sitar) / Ragas: Bilaskhani Todi & Bhairavi / Tabla: Samir Chatterjee [75 Mins.] (DAD) Classical 0.4 13.95
INDIA ARCHIVE MUSIC IAMCDSP 5501 Shujaat Khan (Sitar & Vocals) "Waiting For Love" / Bahut Din Bheetey, Aaja Re Piya Mora (2 Versions), Tum Kaha Gayey More Saiya, Terey Bina Sajana, etc. / Sarangi: Ramesh Mishra / Tabla: Samir Chatterjee (Lyrics Enclosed) [66 Mins.] (DAD) Qawwalies Ghazals Geet 0.4 13.95
NAVRAS NRCD 0052/53 Vilayat Khan (Sitar) & Shujaat Hussain Khan (Surbahar) Live in London November 1993 "Jugalbandi" (Duet) / Ragas: Shahana & Bageshree / Tabla: Sabir Khan [CD # 1 - 50 mins & CD # 2 - 43 mins] (DDD) (2 CD set) Classical 0.8 31.9
INDIA ARCHIVE MUSIC IAMCD 1009 Shujaat Khan (Sitar) Ragas: Shahana Kanada, Pahari / Tabla: Shyam Kane) [73 Mins.] (DAD) Classical 0.4 13.95






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