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Shahid Parvez

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Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
SENSE WORLD MUSIC SWMCD 095A/B Shahid Parvez (Sitar) & Shashank Subramanium (Flute) "Josh" Live At The Saptak Festival 2006 / Raag: Kalyani & Percussion Duet / Tabla: Sukhvinder Singh / Mridangam - Patri Satish Kumar (2 CD Set) [100 Mins.] Classical Fusion 0.8 26.95
SENSE WORLD MUSIC SWMCD 021A/B Shahid Parvez (Sitar) & Kumar Bose (Tabla) "Synergy" Live At The Saptak Festival 2002 / Ragas: Jog & Pilu [CD 1 54 Mins] [CD 2 65 Mins] (2 CD Set) Classical 0.8 26.95
INDIA MUSIC CLUB IMCDI 1006 Shahid Parvez (Sitar) "Singing Sitar" (Live Concert At Toronto, Canada) Raag Pooriya Kalyan / Tabla: Subhen Chatterjee Classical 0.4 9.99
T SERIES SICCD 130/131 Morning To Midnight Vol.1 & 2 / Kartick Kumar (Sitar) Ahir Bhairav / Ajay Pohankar (Vocal) Bilaskhani Todi / Ghulam Mustafa Khan (Vocal) Bhimpalasi / Shahid Parvez (Sitar) Puriya Dhanashri / Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute) Hamsadhwani, etc. (2 CD set) Classical Vocal 0.8 9.98
EMI - RPG CLASSICAL CDNF 150187 Shahid Parvez (Sitar) "Rageshwari" (Live Concert) / Raag Rageshri / Tabla: Vijay Ghate (ADD) Classical 0.4 10.95
MUSIC TODAY CDA-95031 Romantic Raga / Amjad Ali Khan - Thumri Pilu / Lakshmi Shankar - Mishra Des / Shahid Parvez - Dhani / Shubhra Guha - Sohini / Hariprasad Chaurasia - Manjh Khammaj / Rashid Khan - Yaman (DDD) Classical Vocal 0.4 12.95
CHHANDA DHARA SNCD 70292 Enchanting Sitar of Shahid Parvez / Ragas: Bairagi Bhairav, Puriya, Dhun / Tabla: Vijoy Ghate / Tanpura: Shefali Nag [71 Mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 15.95
CHHANDA DHARA SNCD 71189 Excellent Sound of Sitar - Shahid Parvez At His Best / Ragas: Gujari Todi, Rageshree, Bhairavi Dhun / Tabla: Zakir Hussain [54 Mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 15.95
MUSIC TODAY CDA-92072 Morning Ragas Vol.1 / Raga Lalit - Rajan & Sajan Mishra (Vocal), Raga Bhairav -Shahid Parvez (Sitar), Raga Ahir Bhairav - Shruti Sadolikar (Vocal) [60 Mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 12.95
MUSIC TODAY CDA-92075 Morning Ragas Vol.4 / Raga Kukubh Bilawal - Mallikarjun Mansur (Vocal), Raga Deshkar - Shahid Parvez (Sitar), Raga Bhairavi - Padma Talwalkar (Vocal) (DDD) Classical 0.4 12.95
MUSIC TODAY CDA-92077 Afternoon Ragas Vol.2 / Raga Brindabani Sarang - Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute), Raga Madhmad Sarang - Pt. Jasraj (Vocal), Raga Dhani - Shahid Parvez (Sitar) [59 Mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 12.95
MUSIC TODAY CDA-92080 Evening Ragas Vol.1 / Raga Marwa - Pt. Jasraj (Vocal), Raga Shree - Shruti Sadolikar (Vocal), Raga Hamsadhwani - Shahid Parvez (Sitar) (DDD) Classical 0.4 12.95
MUSIC TODAY CDA-92085 Night Ragas - Vol.2 / Raga Hamir - Padma Talwalkar (Vocal), Raga Tilak Kamod - Shahid Parvez (Sitar), Raga Bageshwari - Pt. Jasraj (Vocal) [DDD] Classical 0.4 12.95
UNIVERSAL MUSIC INDIA CDNF 205 Classical Greats of India - Vol.1 / Amjad Ali Khan (Sarod) Raga Yaman, Arati Ankalikar - Sohoni (Vocal), Shahid Parvez & Zakir Hussain - Raga: Gujri Todi (Sitar & Tabla) Classical Vocal 0.4 10.95






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