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Dr. L. Subramaniam

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Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
AUDIOREC CLASSICS ACCD 1040 Indian Music Vol.1 (Music That Colours The Mind) Rais Khan, Sultan Khan & Sabir Khan - Mishra Dhun / L. Subramaniam, Karaikudi Krishnamurti, Anindo Chatterjee, etc. - Kriti: Sada Mandil Vazhum / Hariprasad Chaurasia & Fazal Qureshi - Pahadi Dhun (DDD) Classical 0.4 11.95
BMG CRESCENDO CD 51244 L. Subramaniam (Violin) "Garland" / Infinite Journey, Offering Of Love, That Dream, Lap Nils Polska, Towards The Island, Garland / Acoustic & Electric Violin: Svend Asmussen / Keyboards: Kenneth Knudsen / Drums: Luiz Carlos "Chuim" de Siqeira, etc. Classical Fusion 0.4 11.95
WATER LILY ACOUSTICS WLA-CS-59-CD Dr. L. Subramaniam (Violin) & Larry Coryell "From The Ashes" / The Way You Placed My Bow, Beyond The Flames, Love Is Stronger Then Death, Alone By The Ganges Classical Fusion 0.4 14.95
DATTA YOGA CENTER 118507-02 Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji "Raga Sagara - Ocean Of Music" / Violin: L. Subramaniam & Jaitra Varanasi / Flute: N. Ramani / Mridangam: Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman & Shankar Ramesh / Ghatam: E.M. Subramanyam (Live In Hyderabad March 1996) Meditation 0.4 8.37
AUDIOREC CLASSICS ACCD 1021 L. Subramaniam (Violin) "Distant Visions" / Ragam, Tanam, Pallavi & Ragamalika / Mridangam: K. Gopinath / Ganjira: K.M. Rajah (DDD) Carnatic 0.4 11.95
AUDIOREC CLASSICS ACCD 1027 L. Subramaniam (Violin) "In Praise of Ganesh" / Live In London at India House / Kriti:"sada Mandil Vazhum" Raga: Abhogi & Kriti:"kuzhal Kayttu" Raga:kapi / Mridangam: Karaikudi Krishnamurti / Tabla: Anindo Chatterjee (DDD) Carnatic 0.4 11.95
NIMBUS NI 5227 Dr. L. Subramaniam - Raga Hemavati / Tavil: K. Shekar / Tampura: Veena Natarajan (DDD) Carnatic 0.4 14.95
ORIENTAL AAMSCD 112 Irresistible Dr. L. Subramaniam (Violin) / Mridangam: Palghat T.S. Mani Iyer / Tanpura: Vijaysree Subramaniam / Ragas: Malahari, Hamsadhwani, Kanada, Ragam Tanam Pallavi, Atana, Sudha Saveri (ADD) Carnatic 0.4 12.95
WATER LILY ACOUSTICS WLA-ES-4/5CD Dr. L. Subramaniam "Electric Modes" / Dance of Siva, Passion, Contemplation, Ragam, Tanam, Hamsadhwani, Hindolam, Revathi, Hamsanadam, Abhogi, Kapi / Tanpura: Viji Subramaniam / Mridangam: Puvalur Srinivasan / Ghatam: T.H. Subashchandran (2 CD set) Carnatic 0.8 29.9
WATER LILY ACOUSTICS WLA-ES-24-CD Sarasvati - L. Subramaniam (Violin) / Ragam Tanam Pallavi, Ragam: Sarasvati Priya / Viji Subramaniam - Tambura, T.H. Subashchandran - Mridangam/Ghatam Carnatic 0.4 14.95
NIMBUS SAMPLER NI 7008 World Music - India, Spain, Argentina, Thailand, Ireland / Featuring Hariprasad Chaurasia - Raag Bhimpalasi, Ram Narayan - Raag Lalit / DR. L. Subramaniam - Raag Vasantapriya / Sulochana Brahaspati - Raag Bilaskhani Todi, etc. (DDD) 66 Mins. Classical Vocal 0.4 5.99






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