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Fazal Qureshi

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Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
FREE SPIRIT PREMIUM D 73103 Mynta "Teabreak" / Teabreak, Song from Brahmaputra, Jaane Kya Hua, Fuzzy, Oas Celtic Dance, Sunset In Beijing, Red Departure, Ten Years Ago, Bohccui, Dancer In The Light, Small & Angry, Mr. Coy, etc. / Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan / Tabla: Fazal Qureshi Classical Fusion 0.4 12.95
AUDIOREC CLASSICS ACCD 1040 Indian Music Vol.1 (Music That Colours The Mind) Rais Khan, Sultan Khan & Sabir Khan - Mishra Dhun / L. Subramaniam, Karaikudi Krishnamurti, Anindo Chatterjee, etc. - Kriti: Sada Mandil Vazhum / Hariprasad Chaurasia & Fazal Qureshi - Pahadi Dhun (DDD) Classical 0.4 11.95
BMG CRESCENDO CD 51179 Fazal Qureshi (Tabla), Taufiq Qureshi (Percussion) & Others "The Four Stages Of Love - Rati" / Natraj, Love Of Swing, Hot Madras, Together, Bamfora / Electric Bass Guitar: Christian Paulsen / Saxophone & Flute: Anders Hagberg / Acoustic Guitar: Max Ahman Classical Fusion 0.4 11.95
NINAAD NCCD 0031 Sultan Khan (Vocals & Sarangi) "Friends Across Boundaries" / Soul Searching, Friends Across Boundaries, Beat Treat, Mystery Conquered, Oh! Village Girl, Sufi In Ecstacy / Bass Guitar: Jonas Hellborg / Tabla & Side Rhythm: Fazal Qureshi (DDD) Classical Fusion 0.4 12.95
KOEL KDI 082 R. Visweswaran (Santoor) Ragas: Puriya Dhanashri, Jaijaivanti, Dhun In Raag Misra Shivaranjani / Tabla: Fazal Qureshi / Tanpura: Revathy Shankaran Classical 0.4 12.95
NINAAD NCCD 0008 Alla Rakha & Fazal Qureshi (Tabla) "Taaleem" / Raag: Jaitaal & Teentaal / Sarangi: Sultan Khan (DDD) Classical 0.4 12.95
NAVRAS NRCD 0007 Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute) Live in London June 1990 / Raga Jait / Tabla: Fazal Qureshi [76 mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 15.95
CHHANDA DHARA SNCD 71190 Hariprasad Chaurasia - The Most Celebrated Flutist of India / Raga: Mian Ki Malhar / Tabla: Fazal Qureshi / Tanpura: Shefali Nag [71 Mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 15.95
EMI - RPG CLASSICAL CDNF 150137 Kamalesh Maitra - Tabla Tarang "The Voice of Sarod from the Strokes of Drums" / Additional Tabla: Fazal Qureshi / Tanpura: Laura Patchen / Ragas: Rewa, Marwa - Sohni / Puriya Dhanashri / Basant Mukhari - Dhun (DDD) Classical 0.4 10.95
T SERIES SICCD 049 A Gift to Ustad Allah Rakha 75TH Birthday / Artists: Allah Rakha, Zakir Hussain, Fazal Qureshi / Taal: Matt, Rupak, Sawari, Ek, Teen / Sarangi: Sultan Khan Classical 0.4 4.99






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