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Aziz Mian

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Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
SHANACHIE 64083 The Kings & Queen Of Qawwali "Love & Devotion" / Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mera Yeh Charka / Abida Parveen - Yung Saja Chand & Yeh Batem / The Sabri Brothers - Mazir Main Maziq / Aziz Mian - Main Kya Janoon Ram Qawwalies Ghazals Geet 0.4 14.95
ORIENTAL STAR SRCD 376 Aziz Mian Vol.26 "Sham Pae Gayee" / Aaja We Sham Pae Gayee, Ban Gayee Main Jogan Yarr De, Teri Tasveer Rakh Ke Punjabi 0.4 9.99
ORIENTAL STAR SRCD 330 Aziz Mian Vol.18 "Mere Samne Reh" (Qawwali) / Mere Samne Reh, Kaaba Jaan Laya, Judian Pa Ke Jaan Walia / Lyrics: S.M. Sadiq & Akhtar Hussain Akhtar Punjabi 0.4 9.99
ORIENTAL STAR SRCD 322 Aziz Mian Vol.12 "Nasim-E-Subah" (Urdu) / Nasim-E-Subah Gulshan Mein (30 mins.), Aashiqui Dillagee Nahee Hoti (29 mins.) Qawwalies Ghazals Geet 0.4 9.99
ORIENTAL STAR SRCD 297 Aziz Mian Qawwal "Akhian Dee Gali" Vol.9 / Akhian Dee Gali Wichon, Akh Larr Gayee Yaar Naal Punjabi 0.4 9.99
EMI - PAKISTAN SIRCD 098 Greatest Hits of Aziz Mian Vol.3 / Aadmi Hai Be Nazir, Be Wafa Tera Yun, Meri Daastan-E-Hasrat, Kabhi Kaha Na Kisi Se Qawwalies Ghazals Geet 0.4 9.99
MULTITONE PRESTIGE PMUT 009 Aziz Mian Qawwal "Ik Mard-E-Qalandar" / Ik Mard-E-Qalandar, Hama Ausaaf Yagaana, Shahbaz Qalandar Qawwalies Ghazals Geet 0.4 7.66
ORIENTAL STAR SRCD 110 Aziz Mian Vol.1 "Mere Kaun -E-Aarzoo" / Dil Na Bas Main Ager Ho, Mere Khon-E-Aarzoo, Trail Dheere Dheere Qawwalies Ghazals Geet 0.4 9.99
ORIENTAL STAR SRCD 179 Aziz Mian Vol.5 / Qalander Mast Qalander, Hosle Na Hare Insaan Pareshani Main Qawwalies Ghazals Geet 0.4 9.99






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