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Arundhati Holme Chowdhury

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Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
BISWAS BIS-109 Arundhati Holme Chowdhury "Salil Chowdhury Sure - Puja 1997" / Mon Matal, Jhilak Jhilak Kore, Chole Je Jai Din, Ke Jabi Aai, O Sujan Naiya, Sudure Chena Chena, Swaran Nadir, Pore Thak, Fagun Ke Daklam, Jhim Jhim Dupure, Elo Re, Aar Bujhite, etc. (DDD) Bengali 0.4 8.99
BISWAS BIS-57 Arundhati Holme Chowdhury (Tagore Songs) / Ki Gabo Ami, Keteche Ekela, Amar Bela Je, Tumi Mor Pao, Hare Re Re, Baro Asha, Neel Digante, Ami Tomai Jata, Vadhu Kon Aio, Amar Sakal Dukher, Amar Hriday, Kadale Tumi More, Charan Dharite Dio, etc. (ADD) Bengali 0.4 8.99
EMI - RPG CDNF 142071 Arundhati Holme Chowdhury "Chhinna Patar Sajai Tarani" (Tagore Songs) / Mor Beena Othe Kon Sure Baaji, Emni Korei Jaai Jadi Din Jaak-Na, Ami Chahtee Esechhi Sudhu Ekkhani Mala, Madhugandhe Bhora Mridusnigdhachhaya, Pakhi Amar Neerer Pakhi, etc. (ADD) Bengali 0.4 6.99
EMI - RPG CDNF 142074 Hemanta Mukherjee & Arundhati Holme Chowdhury "Ebar Abagunthan Kholo" (Tagore songs) / Bnadhu Kon Alo Laglo Chokhe, Amar Hriday Tomar Apan, Amar Bela Je Jai, Amar Sakal Dukher Pradeep, Purano Sei Diner Katha, Tomar Holo Shuru, etc. (16 Songs) (ADD) Bengali 0.4 6.99






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