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Get Frontpage98 This site was originally created with Microsoft FrontPage97. It survived the transition from 97 to 98 without a hitch and is currently maintained with FrontPage 2002. Click on the icon to find out more about FrontPage.
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Get Acrobat The archives are stored in the "Portable Document Format" owned by Adobe. In order to view them you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. The current version (January 2000) 4.05 has a search function built in which will make it easy to find individual items from the documents. Click on the icon to go to Adobe site, look for the free Readers, select the one matching your browser and operating system and get yourself a copy.
Get Real Audio Simply still for the future. Our intention is to provide music samples from this site. You will need a copy of Real Audio to listen to them. Over and above that, Real Audio gives you access to thousands of radio stations around the world with a sound quality close to your local radio station. It's fun. It's free. Get it.
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