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Why Adobe?

Acrobat Icon  To view and print the full PDF-format catalogs you will need either Acrobat Reader or an Acrobat Reader Plug-in specific to your web browser and operating system. Some of them may already have been installed on your system by other applications. If you fail to see the catalog contents, download the current version of the viewer by clicking on the icon above.

How often are the catalogs updated?

We have settled for weekly catalog updates for the time being. Under normal circumstances we will run the update over the week-end. As before, the update file contains all changes to CD catalogs. The catalog listing also has the date when that particular catalog was last updated. The News page shows you what has changed.

What about Fonts?

If you see the tag line at the top in your browser's default Arial or Times New Roman font you are missing out on some fun. The font we use is Harrington and it comes free in the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x WebFonts Add-on.

What about Java?

Yes, we are using Java to build the on-line store. The security issues, real or embellished, are not limited to Java but include all active content and scripting methods. The answer is not in switching Java off. You will be missing out on lot of valuable content on the Web. Instead, acquire yourself a competent Anti-Virus package that handles real-time Internet applications. Where do you find them? Start from www.windows95.com if you use Windows95, www.bhs.com if you use Windows NT, or www.tucows.com for anything else.

What about Browsers?

ie_animated.gif (9132 bytes)   We have no desire to get into the browser wars. This is the one we like and use. Things that look right in Internet Explorer may not do so in other browsers. We will try to rectify any reported anomalies but our day-to-day site checking is today definitely done with Internet Explorer 4.01. Why not try it out? You can have more than one browser active at any given time.

What about Frontpage?

FrontPage Icon   As the logo says, this site has been developed and managed by Microsoft's Front Page 98. Read all about it or get yourself a copy.

What about Audio?

Real Audio Icon   In future we will have music sampling capabilities. They will be based on Real Audio. Click the icon on the left for Real Audio products and to  a ton of information on and resources for audio and video broadcasting on the net.


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